Skin Cancer Clinic

Skin Cancer Clinic

St Ives medical centre is a dedicated Skin Cancer Clinic. They provide high-quality care in the diagnosis, screening, and treatment of skin cancer with a personalized approach that merits each patient’s time here. Our goal is to detect and treat melanoma, non-melanoma skin cancers at the earliest possible stage. This will lead us to more effective treatment with fewer side effects for you. Skin cancer is a serious issue that can be prevented by early detection. We offer treatments for skin conditions including surgery, topical creams and freezing with the additional option of burning off tumours if necessary

Skin Check in St Ives

Your skin is checked from head to toe with specialised magnifying equipment, and any spots requiring monitoring or removal are photographed under high magnification. You’ll also be assessed in obscure non-sun exposed areas such as between your toes and underarms where Skin Cancers including melanoma can occur- though this is rare because it’s an old-fashioned type of cancer that doesn’t have a lot of visibility without its trademark mark: the mole. At St Ives medical centre we understand the importance of our patients being thoroughly assessed with dermoscopy equipment and technology systems available today. We also know that any effect can only be maximized when used confidently by a highly qualified expert in Skin Cancer Medicine.

Cosmetic Mole removal at St Ives Medical Centre

At St. Ives medical centre, we know that skin cancers can be unsightly and frustrating; luckily there is a way to get the best cosmetic outcome every time. For any type of lesion or raised mole, however, regardless of if it’s bothersome at times- our experts will work hard with you until everything looks as good on your body as new again. We perform cosmetic removal of moles and other spots including warts, skin tags and haemangiomas using the latest premium Ellman Surgitron Radio surgical unit. The high-frequency radio waves target energy through a metal tip to shave off any growths with no effect on surrounding tissue.

If you’d like to make an appointment for skin cancer, check-in at St Ive’s, contact the experienced team at St Ive’s medical centre today.

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