Turramurra Podiatry Centre

General Podiatry at St Ives Medical Centre

Looking for a Turramurra podiatry centre? We offer general podiatry at our nearby health centre in St Ives. Below are examples of the kinds of services our podiatrist in St Ives offers to patients:

Sports Focus Podiatry

The way you walk or run on your feet can have a large impact on sports performance. Our sports focus podiatry can help you improve by ironing out any foot problems that may be impeding you.

Running Podiatrist

A running podiatrist can analyse the balance of weight as you run, as well as ensure your foot is properly supported while running through appropriate choice of footwear and other supports.

Nail Management

Don’t let toenails get overgrown or ingrown. Our podiatrists can keep your nails well maintained with our nail management for better foot hygiene and health.

Foot Care

Got blisters, warts or calluses? We know how to deal with them promptly. Come to St Ives Medical Centre for foot care that will leave your feet looking and feeling well cared for.

Nail Surgery

Sometimes nails do strange things, like becoming ingrown. We can perform nail surgery on any misbehaving nails to alleviate pain and other symptoms.

Other Podiatry Concerns

This is not an exhaustive list, so if you have a foot care concern that’s not listed, we can likely still help you. Just give us a call and make an appointment. Our friendly receptionists are happy to answer any pre-appointment answers you might have for your peace of mind.

About St Ives Medical Centre

Our medical centre is open 7 days a week, including after hours for your convenience. We offer a wide range of medical services in addition to podiatry, including travel vaccines in St Ives, baby immunisations in St Ives and flu shots in St Ives. We also have more than one lady doctor for female health issues.

Where Do I Find St Ives Medical Centre?

You can find us easily at Shop 127, St Ives Shopping Village, 166 Mona Vale Road, St Ives. We’re often visited by locals from St Ives and Turramurra. We love the community connection and genuinely care about the wellbeing of our patients. To make an appointment for general podiatry in St Ives, call us today to make an appointment on (02) 9440 5050.

Our podiatrists offer following servies

  • Nail Management
  • Nail Surgery
  • General Foot Care
  • Callas
  • Etc
St Ives Medical centre is open 7 days.
We have After Hours male and female GPs' available.
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